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The pictures of my adult Henry cosplay are finally uploaded and I enjoy them quite a lot x’>.

Henry Ledore: me
Angela Ledore: Shiho
Masked Gentleman: Chala
Photographer: Ghosty

(I think the crown on the first one was Silly's ?)

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Cosplay Yuki Sanada & Haru
Anime Tsuritama
Event Contopia 2013
Model Chala & Lily

Thank you <333!

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I finally had the time to edit and upload the Tsuritama cosplay pictures we took at Thorsminde beach in Denmark this summer :>.

Yuki: Chala | Haru: me

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Cosplay Christa Renz &amp; YmirAnime Shingeki no KyojinLocation Connichi 2013Model Lily &amp; Chala

Usually kissing pictures always turn out really awkward and weird but I really like this one ;w;&#160;! Thank you so much, sao &lt;3!


Cosplay Christa Renz & Ymir
Anime Shingeki no Kyojin
Location Connichi 2013
Model Lily & Chala

Usually kissing pictures always turn out really awkward and weird but I really like this one ;w; ! Thank you so much, sao <3!

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Cosplay Armin Arlert from Shingeki no Kyojin
Location Garden at Connichi 2013
Model Lily

… well, I thought I’d need to wait for the first pictures, but sao was super-fast. Thank you so so much, I love the pictures a lot ;A; ! Even the close-up!

Usually I don’t put proper cosplay descriptions on Tumblr, but I feel like I need to, in this case. I bought the shirt and trousers, the patches and boots (that you can’t even see here x’>) were custom-made, the jacket and bondage-thingies were selfmade with a lot of help from my most awesome cosplay-group, the wig is self-cut (with Chala’s help).

There are still things that need to be redone and I still want a cape and 3D-gear, but I’m really motivated to work on that :>. Ah, I’m so happy Armin suits me so well and still overwhelmed by all the compliments I got ;w; … I hope I can wear it again a few times, I had so damn much fun <3!

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Omg They just dont clean the titan garbage&#160;! They cleaning the Connichi Too!

That&#8217;s us :D&#160;!!


They just dont clean the titan garbage !
They cleaning the Connichi Too!

That’s us :D !!

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As it will take some time until I’ll get my Connichi pictures, let’s post some older ones I’ve never uploaded on Tumblr until now.

I’m not into the Hetalia fandom for a while now but it stills means a lot to me as I got to know a lot of my friends that are still very dear to me during that time.

I guess it’s hardly surprising the Nordics and Norway have been my favourites from the start :’>.

standard outfit | winter outfit I wore on a christmas meetup | casual (comic strip version) | omae low tension fan video | marine | hetaween/pirate

(co-starring shockthrill as Denmark)

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Connichi 2013 was more than amazing. Thanks to all the people who made it that awesome for me - my Scouting Legion and Fishing buddies cosplay partners, all of my other friends I finally met again and also all of the new people I got to know. Honestly, I can’t remember what was the last con I met so many friendly people. Most of the other SnK-cosplayers I met were really (unexpectedly) nice and we even met a second Tsuritama group ;v; !

On sunday right after the convention when most people were already gone, our Scouting Legion group got ourselves some trashbags and cleaned up the convention area. I honestly don’t think I ever had that much fun cleaning up. (People even applauded for us. I felt really heroic u_u)

I already miss all of you. Thank you so much.

(As always, have some really shitty smartphone pictures first. Proper ones will follow one day :>. Also, our Levi and Mikasa had unfortunately already left when we took that pic :/ )

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I’m sorry, I usually don’t post WIP-pictures but I’m so thrilled *_* ! I will cosplay Armin (with super awesome group) on this year’s Connichi friday and Christa on sunday (together with Chala as Ymir). And Petra on this year’s Frankfurt bookfair. It’s really fucking handy they all share the same uniform :’>.

Still need to cut Christa’s wig and Armin’s will become a little bit shorter too but basically I’m quite happy about them :>!

(That’s a failed attempt of a gangsterish handmove, btw. Funnily it looks a bit like a rabbit).